Proposed LWVOR Local Program for 2020-2021

Proposed LWVOR Local Program for 2020-2021


Proposed LWVOR Local Program (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021)

As part of its ongoing local program, the Oak Ridge LWV provides voter education and registration, candidates’ forums, and other forums on public issues and programs such as Breakfast with our Legislators and Lunch with the League. In addition, the League takes action when appropriate based on current local, state, and national positions and, after study and consensus, on newly identified local study items. The local study and action program for 2020-2021 is:


  • Study and monitor the quality of the Oak Ridge Public Schools, especially as impacted by local, state, and federal mandates and community factors; emphasis should include State and Federal standards, alternatives to public education, school security, and Oak Ridge Preschool.
  • Monitor the financial impact of school vouchers and other cutbacks to education on the local schools and community.
  • Continue the Partner in Education program with the Oak Ridge High School Social Studies Department.
  • Monitor the potential changes in the Basic Education Program and the effect on Oak Ridge Schools.
  • Monitor issues associated with in-state tuition rates for advanced training and education for Tennessee high school and GED graduates regardless of their immigration status.

Interest Groups

  • Survey membership for areas of interest and develop corresponding interest groups to educate the public and take action, as appropriate, on League positions. This survey will include Climate Change, Education, Housing, Health Care, Immigration, Mental Health, Community Organizing, and other positions depending on member interests. These interest groups will enter into partnerships with other organizations with like interests to share information and decide on action. The survey may also include areas of local interest.

Observer/Monitoring Corps

  • Continue the Observer/Monitoring groups to follow City Council, County Commissions, School Board, Planning Commission, Environmental Quality Advisory Board, Industrial Development Board, Senior Advisory Board, Recreation and Parks Advisory Board, other local boards as appropriate, Healthy Families Tennessee, and State funding resources for Roane State Community College. Educate the membership and the public as appropriate.

The 2020-2021 Local Program has been approved by the local League Board and will be presented to LWVOR members for approval at the May Annual Meeting.

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