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At the June 2019 Biannual Meeting, the LWV of Illinois approved the study to update our current Criminal Justice Position.  Proposed updates with Pro and Con positions are now being reviewed by the LWV Leagues of Illinois including the LWV of McHe


On September 12st, 10 LWV Leagues located in the Illinois 6th Congressional District Hosted a Candidate Forum with:

Sean Casten (Democrat)  Jeanne Ives (Republican)  Bill Redpath (Liberterian)


You have likely been inundated by commercials about the graduated income tax constitutional amendment.  Those supporting and opposing the graduated income tax are pulling out all the stops before people vote on this important issue.


On September 19th , the LWV of McHenry County conducted a candidates Forum for McHenry County Board Districts 1 & 3.  The video for this forum is located at:



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