LWV Chicago's Annual Meeting Approaches

LWV Chicago's Annual Meeting Approaches

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is the most important general membership meeting of the year. It allows members to direct the future of LWV Chicago by approving a budget, reviewing and/or amending the bylaws and electing Board Members, all of which govern the League’s operations.

The meeting will be held on Saturday, June 13.


The Budget Committee is being formed. Members currently include Rochelle Riffer, Chair; Pat Vogtman, Treasurer; Hollis Burgess; Edie Ellis; Anne Jamieson; and Lauren Rudolph. If you would like to volunteer to serve, please contact Pat Vogtman.


In preparation for our Annual Meeting, the Chicago League Bylaws Committee is considering changes to current bylaws. The committee is led by Carol Paulini, and includes Pat Graunke and Catherine Mardikes. You can view the current bylaws online. Please email Carol Paulini with comments or suggestions by March 30.


The Nominating Committee is preparing its recommended slate of LWV Chicago Board candidates, who will be nominated for election at the Annual Meeting. The Board has the responsibility of governing the functions, activities, policies and future of LWV Chicago. Board members serve staggered terms of two years.

Current members of the Board whose terms continue to June 2021 are Catherine Mardikes, Executive Vice-President; Karen Sandrick, Vice-President, Marnie Gielow, Secretary; and Hollis Burgess, Vanessa Bush Ford, Anne Jamieson, Lauren Rudolph, and Sue Sosin, Directors.

Members of the Board whose terms will expire in June 2020 are Anne Jamieson, President; Patricia Graunke, Vice President; Patricia Vogtman, Treasurer; and Helene Gabelnick, Margaret Herring, Sameena Mustafa, Melanie Norstrom, and Jane Ruby, Directors.

The committee is accepting recommendations for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and 5 to 6 Directors, as well as three members to comprise next year’s Nominating Committee.

Please email Jill Willis, Nominating Committee Chair, with questions and suggestions for nominees (including yourself) by March 30.

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