Action Alerts

Each League issues action alerts to members at its own level... LWVUS for U.S. Congress, LWVDE for the state General Assembly, and LWVNCC for city or New Castle County legislative issues.

When an action alert has been issued, LWVNCC members are encouraged to contact their elected officials and identify themselves as a League member when taking the action. 

When no action alert has been issued, League members are of course free to contact their elected officials on their own behalf.  Democracy requires participation - make your voice heard!

New Castle County Action Alerts

There are no current action alerts. Check back soon!

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Florida's Natural Resources

Action Alerts

The LWVSC is asking members to voice their support for a new Wetlands and Buffer ordinance that will increase current buffer zones in order to better protect our water, offset erosion, better control flooding, and remove carbon from the air. Read more for the details and scroll to the bottom for whom to contact.